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Since the invention of photography in 1822, this activity has changed a lot, and during all this time, it has only been gaining popularity. Luckily, today, you won’t have to deal with chemicals to get nice photos, since you only need a decent camera, and some devices to work in Photoshop. Furthermore, in 2020 you may only need to have a smartphone to cover all your photo shoots. Of course, it is always great to have a tripod if you are planning to arrange a couple photoshoot to be together with your partner on photos. According to statistics, European girls are the most photogenic. This is a good reason to find european brides for joint photos.

Couples photography has become very popular with the appearance of Instagram. Even if you are not into spending your whole day online sharing something with your friends or watching at what they want to share with you, you will still find many interesting things in photo shoots. For example, you can consider your photo shot with your partner as a date, or as an interesting adventure. Plus, after all, your photos will serve as a great reminder of this time. So, get ready to plunge into the world of romantic couple photography.

How to offer Couples Photography?

First thing first, before searching for creative couple photography ideas, you need to make sure that your partner also wants to have a romantic photoshoot. Generally, when it comes to sharing some ideas with your partner, in any field of activity, you may encounter two cases. In the first case, your partner is a very open, self-confident, and an active person who will happily support all your ideas. In the second case, your partner is shy, and you may have problems persuading him or her to support your idea. On the question of couple photo shoots, you may ask your partner to begin with something small.

Note, you are planning to have a photo shoot because you want to make your partner happy and catch some memorable moments of your life on photos. Thus, if your partner doesn’t want to have a beach photo shoot, you should never insist on it. Instead, try to find something new. Maybe your partner is ashamed of his or her body, so they don’t want to take photos of it, or your partner may not want to upload some of those photos on Instagram. In this case, you should change the main topic of your future photo shoot, and say that those photos will be available only for two of you.

It is worth mentioning that, if you are not sure whether your partner agrees to have a photo shoot, you should share this idea without any special romantic couple pictures ideas. Present it as your general desire to someday have a photo shoot together, and see how your partner reacts. In the best-case scenario, this very evening, you will be searching for some romantic couple photoshoot themes together. Imagine that your search for couple photoshoot ideas is a pleasant and romantic game to make things more relaxed and charming.

Photoshoot Ideas for couples

So, we hope that you have successfully shared your desire to have a photoshoot together with your partner, and now you are searching for some interesting couple shoot ideas. Well, you have come to a perfect place. To give you an idea of how couples shoot look like, we have come up with the top 5 couple photoshoot themes and ideas. You may copy those ideas or modify them the way you want to have some utterly unique couple photos. Your imagination is the only limiting factor here.

1. Photos on the bed

Have you ever thought about having a photoshoot on your bed? Nope, here we are not talking about something sexy on, this is a whole topic for another article. Today, we advise you to focus on the atmosphere. Nowadays, people can do a whole bunch of activities on their beds, from sleeping up to watching VT series and eating. Why don’t you joyfully recreate those situations and capture them on photos?

2. Your average walk in the park

Your average romantic walk in the park can serve as a great theme for photo shoots. In fact, you can choose a literary any place to have a photo shot there. This idea suits for those you may want to surprise their partners. In the case of a romantic walk in a park, it is always great to make your photos look more natural and active by adding some movement.

3. A Common Hobby

Another great couple photography topics are your common hobby. We hope that you already have one. For example, if you both like cooking, then you can turn this process into a very interesting game by pretending that you are filming a cooking program. Or, to make things easier, just bring your tripod and begin posing.

4. With Animals or Pets

Do you have some pets? Photoshoots with pets always look cute and interesting. Partly because you may never know how your pet may react to this. This factor makes your photos unique and funny. Plus, it is always pleasant to watch on elegant and graceful pets with their inimitable owners.

5. Your day time-lapse

We doubt that something can be more annoying and terrifying than a Monday. But, this may also serve as a good topic for a couple photoshoot, especially if you are homesick. Start with taking pictures of you waking up and end with hugging each other sleeping. Fill your day with some interesting activities, and don’t forget that your pictures should be entertaining, and tell some stories.

How to find a good photographer

At some point, you may feel that your smartphone and a tripod can no longer satisfy your needs, so you will have to find a good photographer who will help you realize your coolest photoshoots ever. But how to make the right choice? If you live in a relatively small town, then finding a good photographer may turn into a real nightmare. But don’t be upset, everywhere you can find people who are obsessed with photography, and they may agree to help you.

Do higher prices mean better quality?

Surely no one will like to work for cheap and professionals know that their time is expensive. Although high prices don’t always equal higher quality. You see, you can’t choose a photographer only by analyzing his or her pricelist. You need to pay attention to many different facts and aspects. It is perfect if you manage to find a real fan of photography. This person will make your photo shoot perfect.

First and foremost, you must check his or her portfolio. See how this person shoots, and what are his or her favorite spots. Do you like how models look at those pictures? You are no professional, so it will be easy for them to trick you, for example, by telling you that they have super-modern cameras and so on, but they can’t fool your eyes. Thus, if you like how this person shoots, then this is the clearest sign that you have found a perfect photographer.

Tips on how to choose the right pose

Your ability to choose the right pose is the key to your success. Of course, a professional photographer will help you to choose something good. After all, this is his or her job, but what if you want to arrange a photoshoot by yourself? In this case, before the shoot, you must decide where you are going to shoot and chose clothes accordingly. If you have some special idea in your mind, then you may already imagine some poses. Even if not, you can still try to search for examples online. Here, we want to share with you our general rules of posing that will come in handy almost in every situation.

1. Analyze your surrounding

As we have already said, first of all, you need to choose a shooting spot, then you need to analyze it more precisely to find some interesting places. Try to think about possible poses that will look natural in your surroundings. Try to be creative with this, because after all, you can always delete some bad photos.

2. Pay attention to your hands

 The second most important thing when posing is to pay attention to your arms. For example, men can stand with their hands relaxed, while women need to be more gentle, and this is why, for women, it is better to bend their arms. This will make you look more elegant and attractive.

3. Don’t touch your face too much

Remember, touching your face during a photo shoot is always a bad idea. First, it can add some wrinkles, and secondly, it may ruin your makeup. So, pretend, but never touch.

 4. Don’t be shy

This is only your photoshoot, and no one will see your photos without your permission. So, forget about your shyness and show yourself.

5. Make sure that your clothes match

Couple photos look perfect only when partners have matching clothes. Thus, pay attention to the color, style, and form of your clothes. They should be approximately in the same style unless you have some interesting photoshoot idea in mind.

We hope that now you will manage to arrange a perfect photoshoot for your girlfriend, and it will bring you only joy and happiness. Even if something will be wrong, you should remember that you are doing this to make your romantic partner happy. Thus, there is no reason to get angry or so if, for example, the weather suddenly has changed or you forgot your power bank at home. In this case, just invite your partner somewhere to have a standard, but rather unexpected date together. Also, you may want to take some Photoshop lessons to be able to improve your photos even further.